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About Stephanie Wolff PA-C

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Stephanie Wolff P.A.-C (CEO) is a Board Certified Physician's Assistant, a Board Certified Anti-Aging Specialist with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and a Certified Weight Loss Specialist with the National Academy Of Sports Medicine. She graduated from Arizona State University in 2000 with her Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences and continued on to Midwestern University where she obtained her degree as a Physician Assistant.

Stephanie has been practicing medicine for 15 years, she has worked in everything from Cosmetic Surgery/Dermatology, to Women's Health, to Family Practice. Over the years Stephanie's active lifestyle and commitment to her and her families health naturally flowed into her practice of medicine, she truly believes in healing her patients from the inside out. Stephanie has helped hundreds of patients reach their weight loss goals, regularly corrects and treats hormonal imbalances and has been able to help treat Diabetes in many of her patients.

She has diagnosed early stages of and in many cases treated or referred to a specialist everything from Alzheimer's, to various forms of cancer and HIV, leading to early treatment and in many cases saving lives. Stephanie's commitment to excellence is apparent in all areas of her life and the best possible patient care is always the priority in her practice of medicine.